Whatzit? Help!

So this page is for the items we run across that we can't identify or assign a number to. See images below, and if you can help - drop us a line at the contact us button on the left and let us know. Thanks!

FOUND! - 522 Tin eX1975 issued by the lodge to promote Summer Camp attendance.

(Original Note: Couldnt find this patch on OAImages. It is a gauze back with rolled edge. It was in with some Northwest Ohio Items. I was told it was from 522 Wa-Be-Wa-Wa but need more info to substantiate it. Would appreciate if you could tell us who was going and where they might be headed.)

FOUND! - This is a chapter district patch from the Northwest District of Central Ohio Council. That would make it a chapter issue of 93 eX1976. It was common for the Districts to include some OA indicia on their spring camporee patches since the Lodge did their tap outs at spring camporee.

FOUND! - Chief Leatherlips Trail - Chillicothe, OH; and its a Sherm.

(Original Note: This trail medal is from an unknown trail. I have heard it may be from the central southern Ohio area perhaps near Chillicothe. It appears to be a small run - as it has a rough finished back. I have seen another in a collection of 457 Thal Coo Zyo items.)