Special Camp Issues

Over the years, there have been a number of anniversary, commemorative, or special camp issues that were not issued for attending camp - but were available for sale or by participating in a special program. As these issues feature the camp - but were not issued specifically for the summer camp program, we are noting them here.

These will span the years from 1995 to the present, and where noted - the year of the issue will be noted.

There is very little information surrounding special issues, and this will be a work in progress.

Bear Paws

Bear Paws have been issued over many years in Buckeye Council. The paw could be purchased, but camp leaders had to earn "toes" for the patch by bringing a percentage of their boys to camp. A leader could fill their paw with toes, although that is pretty unusual.

BCC BearPaw a

CB; BRN letters

BCC Bear Paw b


BCC Bear Paw c


BCC Bear Paw d

RED letters; TRR

BCC Bear Paw e

RED letters; TLR

BCC Bear Paw f

RED letters; No Twill

BCC Bear Paw g

Seven Ranges

BCC Bear Paw h

Seven Ranges 2012

BCC Paw Toe a 60s

Cut edge; 60%

BCC Paw Toe b

RE; 70%

Anniversary Issues

There are a number of anniversaries that the camp could celebrate, but the most common reason is the anniversary of the first Pipestone ceremony in 1926.

1976 Camp Segment

BIC CP with Segment

1995 Pocket

70 Ann Pipestone

1995 Jacket Patch

70 Ann Pipestone

2000 Pocket

75 Ann Pipestone

Missing Clasping Hands Segment

2000 Jacket Patch

75 Ann Pipestone


80 Ann Pipestone


25 Ann 7R Camp


90 Ann Pipestone

Special Programs at Camp

Seven Ranges offers a number of special programs that have a patch associated with them. Certain Merit Badge tracks when taken together, the hiking trail, patrol awards have had patches issue with the name of the program and the name of the camp. Below are those that we have accumulated so far.

Baden Powell Patrol a 2000s

GLD letters; 77mm tall

Baden Powell Patrol b 2010

YEL letters; 75mm tall

Baden Powell Patrol c 2012

Small FDL in knot

Conservation 2012

No Council Name

COPE (2014)

Patrol Award

COWS (2014)

Merit Badge Track

Duty to God

Religious Program

EARTH Works Cloth Back

Lt Green; Merit Badge Track

EARTH Works Plastic Back

Green; Merit Badge Track

Fine Arts

Merit Badge Track

FROG - Year?

First year program

FROG - 2010 - present

Part a for 2nd year Webelos

FROG - 2010 - present

Part b For first year campers

Green Bar Country a

REC; BRN bkgd

Green Bar Country b

REC; "Resource Center"

Green Bar Country c

12 sided; GRN bkgd

Green Bar Country d


Green Bar Country e 2010

Adult Training

Green Bar Country f 2012

Adult Training Darker Brown

Hutch's Trail a

Green Background

Hutch's Trail b

BLK lockstitch; DBR border

Hutch's Trail c

BRN lockstitch; BRN border

Hutch's Trail d 2011


NLights Camera Action 2007

Merit Badge Track

American Culture

No 7R

Native American Culture

Merit Badge Track

Naturology (2014)

Merit Badge Track



Merit Badge Track

7R Challenge 1987

Earned as Patrol

7R Challenge 1988

Earned as Patrol

Scaroyadii Trail

Backpacking Program at camp

Scoutmaster Merit Badge

Leader Participation

Special Investigator (2018)

Merit Badge Track

Survivor a

Survivor b

Fitness Program (2012) - BLK

Survivor c

Fitness Program - (2014)

Fitness Program

Other Special Issues

There are a number of other issues, not related to an anniversary or the summer camp program, that simply are issued with the name of the camp or reservation on them. Hutch's Trail is an 11 miles trail that rings Seven Ranges and goes through Camp Calumet, Camp Algonkin, Camp Akela and Turkey Ridge. If known, these are cataloged by issue year.





Algonkin Pin

1988e Calumet Pin

1989 H.A.W.K.

Webelos Resident Camp Pin


1997b 7R Hat Pin


I.W. Delp Ecology Center

Ecology Program at 7R

Scoutmaster Caricature (maybe GreenBar Country)

High Adventure

Buckeye Council has issued neckerchiefs to its council sponsored High Adventure Contingents for three decades. An example is below. The only known Canoe Based contingent Council neckerchief was issued in 1972.

Still need Philmont Neckerchiefs for: 1979, 1981, 1985, 1986