Hat Pins & Sundries

I know Sipp-O has put out several miscellaneous items. Metal arrow shared neckerchief slides, hat pins, belt buckles, and all kinds of things that are not patches. There isnt a great reference site for this stuff - so I will post what information I have here and hopefully if you have something we can work out a trade.

Hat Pins

Here are the hat pins I have. Please see if the pin you have is different from those shown here. I have heard there is a variation of one of these where the light green and dark green in the hills are reversed, but again, I dont have a picture of it. I would like to trade for any not shown below.

Neckerchief Slides

Here are two images of 377 OA slides I have. There is not suppose to be paint on the top slide, I think that was customized by a young scout. I am looking for a third with a 377 and WWW but no deer.

If you have the one that I do not have - I would appreciate a heads up. Thanks!

377 Slide - Deer no number

Got Hat Pins?

Belt Buckles

Sipp-O put out several belt buckles. In the 1970s in those wonderful bubble letters that appear on alot of camp buckles there is one that simply says Sipp-O Lodge. Around 1980, there is a buckle that was available at the camp trading post that says Buckeye Council Camps. It features the stag and lodge number that appears on our first CSP. There is also another more recent issue from the late 90s or early 2000s that is also pictured below. If you run across these, I would like to pick them up.

Buckles that I have:

377 Slide - Deer with Number

Caldwell Pins

According to Bill Topkis and those found in early estates, Sipp-O used the leaping stag pin shown below.

The more senior members of the lodge have said that in 1961 or 1962, that the lodge sold several sterling, brotherhood Stag Head Caldwell pins at the winter banquet. At that time, the lodge was still pretty small, and it is not clear how many were sold or how many people attended. An image of this pin is below.

I was fortunate to add these Sipp-O pins to my collection.

Known buckles I am missing:

Bottom buckle in bronze or brass.