OA Numbers Set

I started this collection so I would have a reason to keep my interest up while we hunted for the last of the Sipp-O items we need to complete the set. Also, if a variety exists for a first flap, I am keeping to the "a" variety only. If you see something on the dupes list you would like (there are some nice items there) and don't have any Sipp-O check this list to see if you have a first flap that would cross a number off. This seemed like a more attainable set, since many lodge numbers have been re-issued as lodges merged.

Drop us a line at the Contact Us link on the left and let's trade!

RED NAME Denotes trade pending

We also have been buying collections that will fill some holes, and then listing the dupes on here. If you have a collection that you would like to sell - please let us know.