Section Conclaves

These are the issues that we are aware of that were made over the years for the Conclaves that Sipp-O was invited to attend. These are organized by year, any special section issues that were sold at Conclave but not issued with the Conclave theme are listed under Special Section Issues.

There is also a checklist that you can download as a PDF below that is complete for all issues we were able to confirm listed by year for the section that Sipp-O was in. There are a few missing pieces like what lodges attended or who the host lodge was, but for the most part this is the most complete listing on the web. This includes patches and neckerchiefs issued for staff, conclave, COC, ALTC and any other section events. Click the arrow to download the doc and save to your desktop. This will be updated and the version date changed as new information is added.

Sipp-O has always been with Marnoc 151, and was always with Scaroyadii 472 except one year (1966). This checklist would include all the items that were issued while these two lodges were in the section.