1918-1957 McKinley Area Council

The McKinley Area Council was founded in 1918 as the Canton Area Council. It absorbed the Alliance Council (founded 1923) in 1928 and Wayne County Council (founded in 1919) in 1930. The then Canton Area Council operated their first summer camp program in 1921 on a farm outside of Zoar. In 1924, a permanent home for the summer camp program was established at Camp Tuscazoar. In 1926, the Pipestone Camp Honors program was established, and is still in existence today. Their are 5 degrees one of which can be earned each summer and the honor is hand carved on a tombstone shaped piece of Catlinite from the Indian lands in Pipestone, Minnesota.

The permanent camp for McKinley was Tuscazoar, approximately 240 acres of rolling hills located on the Tuscarawus River, near the town of Zoar, Ohio. The official camp mascot was Icky, a Native American caricature, and he appears on many camp issues throughout the council's history.

Below is a listing of the McKinley Area Council summer camp issues that we have in our archive. For several years, a felt center council patch was issued, and scouts earned the segments by attending events throughout the year. Although the official summer camp issue is simply the "Tuscazaor" segment, we are trying to put the entire issue together. There are still many more we need, documented examples are known as far back as the early 40s. If you have something that we are missing, please let us know - we would like to pick it up.







(No patches issued)






1955 (need confirmed)