Camp Collection

Well - like everything in patches, you start collecting one thing, and find you almost have everything that was issued for _________ (fill in the blank). So now its on to camp issues.

Buckeye Council has been in existance since 1958 - as the result of the merger between the Massillon Area Council (founded in 1919 with many name changes) and McKinley Area Council (established in 1918 originally Canton Area Council). Camp Buckeye, operated by Massillon Area, was the home of Sipp-O Lodge since 1948. Camp Tuscazoar, gave rise to the Pipestone Camp Honors program in 1924, and was the summer camp for McKinley Area. Both camps were operated from the merger through 1978. In 1979, Camp Tuscazoar became the only summer camp program until its last year of operation, 1986. The summer of 1987, Seven Ranges Scout Reservation was opened with Camp Algonkin, Camp Calumet, and Camp Akela.

My intention, is to try and get all the summer camp issues for the years that we operated a summer camp. I have many, but their is not a comprehensive record of what we issued and how. For instance, Buckeye did not issue a summer camp patch for all of the 1960s, however, there were camp neckerchiefs and camp staff neckerchiefs for each of those years.

I think it would be easier to start with what I have accummulated, rather than what I am missing. So below are the links to the pages that have images of the items in our collection for each of the camps. As items are picked up, they will be added to the corresponding year of issue. If the year of issue is unknown - it will be listed at the bottom until someone can help us identify what year the issue was made.

Click on a link in the list below to see what issues we have in the collection:

If you have something that is not listed - we would be interested in trading for it.