Section Collection

On the following subpages below is an image catalog of the Section Issues that have been issued while Sipp-O 377 was part of the section. This is a work in progress, as no official checklist exists. Some issues we can confirm as we were present or it is listed on another site. If we have the issue the image is shown, if we know the item exists and do not have one in the collection - it will be listed with no image and noted. We aren't sure what years may have had a staff or special recognition issue - unless someone made us aware of them. If a particular issue was limited, it will be noted if we know the information.

Which section Sipp-O has been part has changed many times over the years. It does appear that 472 Scaroyadii and 151 Marnoc have always been in the same section in Sipp-O, but I do not know this for sure. If you know of a section issue (not a lodge issue that was issued for the event) that was issued while 377 was part of the section, please email us and if you can toss a good clear scan of the item that would be great. Also if you have something available, please drop us a line as we would like to pick it up.