Thank you Traders!

This page is to thank and acknowledge those Boy Scout patch traders that we have traded with and would recommend highly to the trading community. This page is updated from time to time - so if you do not see your name here, drop us a line and let us know.

Good luck and good hunting!

JD Barlett

Middleton, OH

Collects: All Ohio OA

Bruce Boyle

Columbus, OH

Collects: Buckeye, 377, 463, 467, Chickahominy

Lee Dennis

Middletown, OH

Collects: Ohio OA and CSP

Kirk Doan

Ozark Philatelics

Collects: All OA Issues

Dr James Flatt

Huntsville, AL

Collects: NOAC contingents

Bill Green


Collects: Tarhe 292, Ku-Ni-Eh 462/145

Steve Hartlage

Chillicothe, OH

Collects: Shawnee 109, Scioto, Oyo

Tom Hughes

Canton, OH

Collects: SKC/Buckeye CSP, 65, 377

Doug Krantz

Canton, OH

Collects: Buckeye, 377, 472

Andy Mark

Dalton, OH

Collects: 377,472

Mark Mitchell

Akron, OH

Collects: Illinois Ohio OA, Name/Number Set

John Ortt


Collects: Virginia, Caldwell Pins

Jeff Pickett

Canton, OH

Collects: Buckeye, Buffalo Trace, 55, 377, 472

Emerson Roth

Canton, OH

Collects: 377, 472, Buckeye, Region 4 50s insiginia

Jack Smith

Toledo, OH

Collects: Buckeye CSP, 377, Popcorn, Hon/Qual Unit

Dwayne Sudweeks

Pocatello, ID

Collects: 2010 Jamboree

Joe Taylor

Rockwall, TX

Collects: Name/Numbers; First Twill & Solids; WABs; Jambo Flags; Mispelled OA Regular Issues - no events

Bud Thornberg

Bowmansville, PA

Collects: Name/Numbers

Mike True

Chillicothe, OH

Collects: OH OA

Ben Wasmer

Portsmouth, OH

Collects: First Issue CSP, SKC, Lodge 65, 109, 350

John Blair

Dayton, OH

Collects: BSA WWII, OH OA

Carl Church

Zanesville, OH

Collects: 424, MVC, MVSR

Nick DeMarco

Brick Township, NJ

Collects: PreFDL OA

Brad England

Ardmore, OK

Collects: Wisawanik 190, Arbuckle Area CSPs

Bill Gray

Lebanon, OH

Collects: DBC, 155, 306, 462, 145

Mike Griffin

Dover, OH

Collects: Buckeye, Columbiana, 377, 472

Terry Grove

Winter Park, FL

Collects: Eagle Medals/Patches

Destry Hoffard

The Scout Patch Auction

Scout Patch Dealer

Chris Jensen

Scout Patch Dealer

Jay Lockard

BSA Professional, Coshocton, OH

Collects: Ohio OA and CSP, early OH Camps

Bernie Miner

Canton, OH

Collects: All Ohio OA and CSP

Stan Nester

Chalotte, NC

Collects: Marnoc 151, Ohio/WV merged lodges

Bob Phelps

Columbus, OH

Collects: Buckeye, Simon Kenton, Sipp-O 377

Charles Powell III


Collects: Scioto Area, Camp Oyo, OH KY WV OA

Jon Santini

Columbus, OH

Collects: 65, 472, and Columbiana CSP

Denver Stufflebeam

Orrville, OH

Scout Patch Dealer

Ted Thompson

Leo, IN

Collects: Project SOAR

Rob Thornton

Pemberton, OH

Collects: 145, 377, 449, 522

Roger Ward/Siesta Beach Trading (Dealer)

Nokomis, FL

Collects: All OA Issues

Marty Wasznicky

Townsend, MA

Collects: OA and CSPs listed at Silverfox Trader website